Peep Eliminator



Peep Eliminator Brochure - Part 1

NEW!  New Dominant Eye Sight is now available!  "Aim with your dominant eye, without switching bows."

Lifetime warranty for breakage for the original purchaser. Not transferable. Purchaser must present invoice showing proof of purchase. Lifetime warranty excludes fiber optic components, verifier lens and the lens components.   30 day money back guarantee from the date of purchase.  Refund excludes shipping and sales tax and requires Invoice with the name of purchaser and the date of purchase.



I bought a peep eliminator several years ago after having a hate relationship with my peep.

I have shot many deer but on this bear hunt I watched this trophy bear for over twenty minutes before he offered a good shot.  As it got darker and darker (as you can see on the video) I just knew I was going to run out of light.  When he turned I went to full draw and was able to aim behind the shoulder and make the shot.  He went twenty yards.  If not for the peep eliminator I would never had been able to make that shot with a peep.  The growing darkness and his black fur would have allowed him to walk out of my life possibly forever.  Instead he now stands in my den.  Thanks for a great product. Hope to see you at the Peoria deer and turkey expo.

Gary  “IKE”  Eichelberger

Normal, IL



Ike's Outdoors Review of Peep Eliminator®



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